Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Snowboarding Part 1

Today Jaimey got to play hooky from school and try out snowboarding for the first time. Ray had been planning to take Jaimey for some time as she really expressed interest in trying it out. Of course, Ray being the boarder he is, was thrilled at Jaimey's interest. His own protege if you will.
Turns out Ray was right, Jaimey loved it and even got a 4 hour private lesson since none of the other kids showed. This worked well for Ray since he got at least 20 of his own runs in. How convenient.
Jaimey is riding the lift and obviously very excited about it.

Here is teacher Abby from the Hoodoo ski school. They got along great and she taught Jaimey a thing or two! Girl power!

Someone is looking pretty pleased with her new hobby. Somebody call Shaun White! Wait a minute, don't. He has a terrible potty mouth as observed by Ray while in a Portland restaurant.

Forget ballet and piano, it's boardin' all the way for this girl!

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