Friday, February 4, 2011

Talent Is Not Always Inherited

As a kid and even as an adult I often wondered if perhaps I had been adopted.

My dad and I aren't close, we rarely see or talk to each other but I have to give him props on certain things. The guy is a flippin' genius. He is an accomplished artist - selling paintings to the likes of Nicholas Cage and Claire Danes. He is fluent in many, many languages, dresses to the 9s, musically gifted, high IQ, super entertaining, extremely savvy in all things food, wine, design and schmoozing. Basically one conversation can leave me feeling like I have a brick for brains.

So, one would think I would have some pretty awesome talents, given my 'heritage.' I'm really ticked off because I got zilch! Hence, the thought that perhaps I was adopted. I guess I'm not because when I got my passport I had to scrounge up a birth certificate, proof that I was indeed my father's biological daughter. Oh, and my mom told me as well :)

Could talent perhaps skip a generation?

Apparently, these are the things I did inherit....

Ability to burst out in song at any given moment
Dry sense of humor
The ability to eat large quanities of Nana's gnocchi
Interupting people before they finish speaking
A dizzying amount of facial expressions
Chronic allergies
Sinus infections

Here is my attempt at "painting" my case, a small table.

After: I know, you are totally jealous of my talent. I'm thinking once Nicholas Cage or Claire Danes read this post (cough) they will be calling for one of their very own!

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