Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Thank You Note

Dear Melatonin,

I just want to thank you for coming to stay with us for a bit.  You look really beautiful in that green bottle, by the way.  Jaimey seems to be enjoying your company.  Believe it or not she really does like falling asleep at 8 instead of midnight. 

 You seem like a really dedicated, hardworking supplement so I hope that you will continue to prove your worthiness while living under our roof.

I don't have time for slackers so don't get all comfortable and let your guard down.  I will find you and flush you down the toilet if Jaimey falls asleep any time after 8:05pm here on out.  In the meantime however, help yourself to the fridge and TV.  Oh also, I need you to work on Jaimey's morning attitude so get on that as well.

Many Thanks,
Jaimey's Mom

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