Sunday, February 13, 2011

Weekend Wrap Up

I have a lot of people and places to thank for giving me a busy, gut-wrench laughing, food fest,  apocalyptic exercise weekend

Thank you Great Expectations fundraiser dinner for a great table of friends, layered chocolate torte and jokes only adults can appreciate.

Thank you Greg, Karla, Ray and the Ram brewpub for an entertaining evening that had us laughing so hard I'm surprised we weren't asked to leave.

Thank you Cyndi for inviting me to participate in my first marathon (don't give me kudos, we are walking AND it is 6 miles :)

Thank you Will and Jaimey for helping me extract a stuck earring - crud that hurt!

Thank you Saturday morning breakfast of chocolate chip pancakes and organic sausages.

Thank you library for having ToyStory 2 for the kids and I to watch on Saturday evening.

Thank you Kailey for getting baptized so we could all go to lunch together.

Thank you Valentine's Day so I can justify making Chocolate Ganache Cupcakes

Thank you Zumba for just being you.

Thank you family movie night

Thank you Monday that you are still 14 hours away...

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