Friday, February 25, 2011

What The What?

So this will be Will's 2nd year of baseball.  He is moving up to Double A from Tball which means (I think anyway) they no longer use the "T"  to hit the ball from but rather the ball is pitched?  Heck if I know - totally clueless but he is excited.

The nice thing is he will be on a team with some of his besties - what a relief and A LOT more fun for us grown ups since we are all great friends -  makes those endless games a lot more bearable.

Here is the catch (no pun intended.)  Their team name is....wait for it.....

The LugNuts

What the what???  I'm not sure I can sign off on that.  Is some sort of trucking/tire/mechanic company sponsoring them or something?

Ray said it perfect....."Are the team colors mud brown and road grime gray?"

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  1. Reagan's first all girls t-ball team name was....wait for it......the "hooks". All girls team!!! Really, they couldn't think of anything else??


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