Wednesday, March 16, 2011

2 Babies 2 Days Apart

I have 2 children with birthdays 2 days apart.   I gave birth to Jaimey on March 20th and then two years later gave birth to Will on March 18th.  For the record, that is isn't the best way to go about birthdays, all things considered.  Long before December my 2 wonders begin asking how much longer until their blessed event occurs. 

By now we are getting used to Hurricane Griffin arriving on March 1st and so we have a few traditions in place.  Preparation is key!  We do the whole Red Robin nonsense with the free sundae, kid's meal and endless fries.  We then move into taking treats to school.  This time it was cupcakes for Will's class and ice cream sandwiches for Jaimey.
Next up is a little party at my mom's house where she makes their favorite cakes and spoils them to no end with all sorts of birthday goodness.
Then because the rest of our families are out of state, the children open the front door to find lovely packages sent from beautiful family members.
On top of that, their brithdays coincide with spring break - a present right there!  Works great for us because we can incorporate zoo trips and lego contests and call them gifts.

Sometimes the kids get ahead of themselves though when sharing what they would like to receive for birthday presents.

Jaimey started off wanting an ipod but has now decided that crayons would be great.  Will began his birthday journey wanting some sort of a 100 dollar Star Wars Lego set but now thinks a small box of Nerf pellets would be perfect.

I'm glad my nightly subliminal messages to the children have been so effective :)

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