Birthdays Day 2

Well, birthday mania continues to ensue at our home.  We a fun little gathering last night, sharing some pizza and laser tag with the kiddos.  I will not touch anything that remotely resembles a game so I was content to hang out at the food table.  More than content.  Except the salad bar stunk.  So, I shoved a couple pizzas down.  Oops, I mean pizza SLICES.  A freudian slip there!

Today Will is content playing with some new gifts he received.  When I asked him if there was anything he would enjoy doing today he let me know that he wanted to go to Target and eat lasagna for dinner.  I can work with this.  Now, I have to admit a little something about the lasagna.  Will isn't crazy about the lasagna I make, perhaps a bit too earthy?  Who knows.  At any rate he has a sick love affair with Stouffer's Lasagna.  Shame on me for asking what he would like but since it was his choice, I should probably oblige.   Now talking about lasagna makes me crave my Nana's lasagna.  She is queen of that comforting dish.

It seems all of my posts somehow return to food. 


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