Wednesday, March 9, 2011


I am venturing out into a few new things this week.  One is I am walking in the Shamrock Marathon on Saturday, something I am super excited about it.  OK, technically it is a run.  However, yours truly will be walking and only running when I'm near the judges.  Hey, we get chowder for free when we are finished!  Finished being the operative word.

I was a bad parent today.  I bribed my kids.  I told them if they would go to the gym with me so I could take my class I would take them to ice cream.  Hmmmm ice cream and gyms don't necessarily go hand in hand but oh well, it worked.

Jaimey wondered if we had any "Jiffy Lube" in the house.  She meant Jif peanut butter (which I don't, thank you very much!)

Thanks to my children's PE teacher, the kids are sorting through my cupboards reading food labels for any ingredients that have words they can't pronounce.  The good ol' rule of thumb.  If you can't read what is in it, then don't eat it.  I did pretty good because I hid the horrid jar of marshmallow ice cream topping and the can of Pringles before they could get to it.

My children are turning 9 and 7 next week and I am turning 40 soon thereafter.  To say that I'm a bit in shock and denial over those numbers would be a gross understatement.  I just need to pull up my big girl panties and deal with it but I'm a bit nostalgic lately.  My babies are growing fast and yes, I most likely will always call them my babies.  Even when they are like 50.

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