Saturday, March 26, 2011

The Gaming Griffins

A new mistress has moved into our home.  Her name is Kinect.  She is in the process of taking over our lives but I guess that is OK.  She is pretty cool.   For those unsure what Kinect even IS, I will attempt to explain. It is an interactive gaming system that you run through your TV.  The interesting thing is you don't use a controller.  YOU are the controller.  Kinda creepy in a techno sort of way.

Right now we have Kinect Sports.  Will is participating in the track and field, volleyball and tennis games.  He is getting so much exercise that last night he basically collapsed on the couch and promptly fell asleep.  

I'm not a big fan for gaming type stuff but I have to admit, this one is impressive in that you can get a pretty good workout.  In fact, Ray and I are scheduled for a virtual boxing match with each other.  This could be very cathartic.  All of our week's aggressions with one another can come out and we can just blame the game for it.  How ideal is that :)  :)

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