Thursday, March 17, 2011

Happy Birthday Will

It is the eve of my son's birthday.  I can scarcely believe it but he will be turning 7 tomorrow.  What a ride.  For someone who never planned on having children, these past years have been quite educational.  I am blessed to be Will's mom.

To address the above comment on the having children thing, I had an obscene fear of labor and being responsible for a tiny little being.  When Ray and I lived in Washington I drank some moldy sun tea and consequently became so ill that I had to go to urgent care and all that.  At that point we decided children probably weren't the best option given my freak out that ensued from vomiting and passing out.  I will never forget when Ray peeked in on me in the bathroom at the clinic and announced, "Yep, I'm thinking kids are gonna be a no go."  I was that sick :) 

Anyway, water under the bridge but it took us many, many years to get our nerve up to think about children :)   I also had seen a large amount of infertility and I was scared to go down that road as well.  Do you see all my excuses here?  Oh and I'm a very selfish person which doesn't exactly work with being a parent!

I had to be induced the day prior to Will's birth because I had a liver condition that can deprive the child of oxygen so both my pregnancies were nasty inductions.  Both my children were induced 3 weeks early and both births weren't the best of experiences.  Although I will say, Will's birth certainly was smoother than dear little Jaimey's.

Will arrived  in this world completely silent, his birth was very quiet. I fell in love for the 3rd time in my life.  By the way, he has since made up for the whole quiet birthing thing.

I love you John William and I feel the endless blessing of being your mom.  Even when you are a stinker.  Which is fairly often.  Especially at night.  When you are super exhausted.  And when you want a new Lego set from Target.  

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