Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Headaches and Hives

I have been battling a tremendous headache today and I can pinpoint the exact moment it began.  Right in between our dog dragging coffee grounds all over the kitchen and the kids fighting over who got to take Han Solo in their Lego bags.  I clenched my teeth so hard that I swear I felt a blood vessel pop which was followed by wetting gripping my pants.  More than you care to know, I'm sure.....

Last night we had a lovely evening enjoying dessert with friends. I am still battling terrible hive breakouts (again, more than you care to know.)  It continues to happen regularly, randomly and without any warning.  Of course it occurred while in the presence of friends.  It happened to my feet, although my face would have been much more entertaining.

My feet swelled to the size they were prior to giving birth to my children.  The pain was so intense that I had to go out to the car and cry it out for awhile while shoving allergy meds down my throat. I could hardly put my shoes on, much less walk.  Frightfully embarrasing.

Once I was back inside Ray seemed extremely eager to administer my EpiPen but was strangely disappointed when I informed him that you DON'T inject it in the heart.

Friends were very gracious by offering Benadryl which I downed with the ease of a drug addict.  The rest of the evening is a blur, but I do recall talking faster and laughing louder as the evening progressed.  I also recall stripping my socks off and itching my bare feet frantically at the kitchen table

Not sure we will be invited back any time soon!

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  1. When my hives are bad I use an ice pack, then I freak out and usually throw up, in that order. Hope you feel better soon!


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