Thursday, March 24, 2011

Stalker Chick

Yesterday I received some very disturbing news and I'm still contemplating how I'm going to pay my husband back for his faux pas.  As I always say, payback can be a serious (insert naughty word.)

I went to my Zumba class last evening only to be greeted by my instructor with the following,

"Hey, I met your husband yesterday and he told me you stalk me."

OK, how in the world do you respond to that?  Uh please excuse my husband, he has turetts?  Of course I lied to her and said no way was I stalking her but I don't think she was convinced. :)
Apparently she went into Ray's work needing some type of publishing/desktop stuff done and was clad in her Zumba wear.  Of course, Ray saw that and told her I took classes and then asked where she taught at.  Hence the "Hey I know who you are, my wife loves your classes and is bordering on stalking you."

If I were given that news I'm not sure if I would be flattered or seriously freaked out.  I'm thinking she is on the freaked out side.

So, the story behind this and I've said it before, I find my instructor to be very inspiring as she is really gifted at what she does.  Yes, I seek her classes out because she makes it so darn fun.  Yes, I admire her athletic prowess and yes, I secretly want to become her when I grow up.  But that certainly isn't stalking her, is it?  :)

So after class last night she walked out and gave me a farewell of,

"See ya Stalker Chick."

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