Monday, March 7, 2011


I'm always a little behind on things so probably for most people this is a no brainer.  Anyway, in one of my cookbooks called Time For Dinner (by the people who publish Cookie Magazine) there was a cute idea to kick grilled cheese up a notch by using a waffle iron.  Brilliant, especially since my panini press gave up the ghost.  The result is very similar to panini but you have to admit, the big waffle prints are pretty awesome.

All you have to do is make up your favorite cheese and bread combo, lube up the bread slices (Earth Balance works great) or if you go all out then use butter or whatever.  Slap the sandwich on the grill and gently press the cover down and let er' cook.  Cook until desired doneness.  I like it when the cheese oozes out a bit and gets all crusty like.  My kids like it a little less done since burned isn't really their thing.


This was great for the family on Sunday afternoon.  Serve that bad boy up with some fabulous tomato soup and you are set to go.  This must be followed however, with a serious nap.

Fun idea and so many variations you could use.

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