Monday, March 7, 2011

You Might Have ADD If....

You are in middle of talking to someone only to randomly yell, "Look, there's a chicken!"  Or my friend's specialty, calling one of the automated customer service lines only to zone out on the instructions of what to number to push when.  Repeat...repeat....repeat.

My personal fave is when I was doing the dishes only to suddenly announce to Ray, "I'm going to compost now."  I just walked away from the sink, water running, soap sudsing and all that.  That has provided us with a lot of laughs after the initial freak out Ray and I had over it.

Another one and I promise I will stop with the stories, is sweeping.  I am so thrilled I have overcome this annoying habit.  I would sweep the kitchen floor but instead of scooping the crud into the dustpan I would leave it in it's own little pile and just add to it as needed.  Isn't that just the grossest?  Like I said, I have moved past that dirty little sin of mine but had it continued I might be a divorced woman by now. LOL!

So you can guess by now that yes I do have ADD.  It is very embarrassing but strangely liberating when I write it.  I have a great support system, one being an extremely close friend who battles it as well.  We can have our conversations, interrupt one another by pointing out a squirrel, snoring dogs or whatever and then pick up where we left off.  Thing is SHE GETS IT.

I think we can all agree that being a mom definitely can provide ADD like symptoms since we tend to be everywhere at once.  God bless the moms with lots of kids!  I am impressed by their abilities!

Basically ADD is a curious thing and unless you are willing to take some meds (which I'm not since I don't want to add to my repetoire) you simply have to deal with it, sometimes with therapy and sometimes just going at it alone (bad idea.)  You really need accountability.  If you can be super organized, have lists that you check off, remain on task until it is completed you can make do...only sometimes though, in milder cases.  If you are overscheduled all heck breaks loose.   In my case however, I procrastinate (don't look at my mail pile please) and hyper focus.  One week I will cook up a storm, the next I will clean like crazy.  One week I will work out at the gym with daily doubles and food intake diaries, the next I will blog up to twice a day.  Meanwhile the daily to do's lay unfinished as new and exciting things take preeminence.

Hey, on the positive ADD can be awesome if you hyper focus on the right stuff.  You can get a lot of stuff done during the high  but be prepared when your interest wanes. 

I have to go work on some dishes now but before I do that I think I will go compost. :)

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  1. Just another reason why I like you!! I too have ADD and know exactly what you are talking about! I am seriously thinking about doing the warrior dash, it's perfect for ADDer's like us, you want to do it too?


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