Friday, April 15, 2011

KickBoxing Kicked My Arse

I joined a class at the gym called Cardio Kick.  It is a high intensity (in my mind anyway) boxing type class in which you don gloves and beat the crud out of these huge punching bags, using both legs and arms.
Yes, when you go in the for the roundhouse kick it helps if you can visualize a guy's upper leg so you can get it on the mark, so to speak.

If you have a lot of aggression or angst, this is the class for you.  Apparently my instructor believes I have both.  Listen, this can be therapy AND exercise - all for the price of one :)

I'm only in my 2nd class but this morning I am already having difficulty walking.  This workout was so intense I almost revisited my previous meal.  When we started the class with warm ups I felt pretty confident in knowing we would be doing stretches.  However, when he told us to drop and give 60 pushups as WARM UP I became fearful.  Then we did upper cuts with these stretchy bands to give us more momentum, then boxing sequences, then these quick kicks where you concentrate on hitting your mark but at a knocked up speed.  OK I admit, my hip flexor (sp) is a bit out of whack from the roundhouse kicks.

When I was a kid, I loved to kick boys in the shins and I loved to show off my 'athletic prowess' to the boys.  Well, since this is a new class at the gym, people tend to stand around and observe, mostly guys since the instructor is amazing in his skill when he demonstrates.  Years ago I would have welcomed the opportunity to have male observers.  Now?  Not so much as this drowning in sweat, 40 year old tries to keep up with the high schoolers in the class.

I felt pretty empowered when we ended class with high fives and yells of accomplishment though.  Next week we are going to start wrapping our hands and wrists for protection and according to my instructor we are going to feel pretty awesome and important because of it.  Let's face wrapping your hands looks 'pretty cool' (said in a Miley Cyrus voice.)

I made my intructor promise me one thing.  If I stay with this class I want to see results in my "physique."  He maintains that I will.  It certainly won't be a pretty sight to have this 40 year old mom up in his grill about it if I don't!  :)

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