Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Overheard In Target

I love to eavesdrop on parents while in Target.  I learn a lot.  I learn what NOT to say your kids, I learn what TO say to your kids in the midst of a meltdown and I learn a lot about the interaction that goes on between a parent and child.

Today's case involved a mom and her tween daughter, maybe a bit younger.  They were looking at Easter candy and oogling over the mass varieties of chocolates.  The mom led her daughter over to the chocolate crosses and began to explain that the importance of Easter is remembering Christ's death and resurrection so perhaps the chocolate cross would be the most appropriate for eating!

The daughter looked at her mom like she was nuts and promptly exclaimed, "Mom, I am SO not eating a chocolate cross."

I got a kick out of it and I mean, can you blame her?  At any rate I think Mom is gonna need to cave and put a good ol' bunny in her daughter's basket this year.

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  1. hahaha! Target can be quite entertaining! I'm pretty sure I would have said something like that to my mom when I was a tween --- or maybe possibly even now;)


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