Friday, April 29, 2011

Trivial Post

The man I have lived with for 17 years deserves an award.  He drove to Anthropologie (my favorite but forbidden in my budget store.)  I have been eyeing these gorgeous measuring cups for months now.  They are so beautiful, Anthropologie never disappoints.  However I could never justify the price tag.

Let's just say they look very lovely sitting in my kitchen.  How Ray figured out the exact ones I wanted I will never know, but he pulled it off and now I am graced by their presence!  I guess after this long in the game we start getting an idea of one another's taste.  Oh, who am I kidding?  I described them down to the letter but he still deserves an award because he found them in the store!  Thank you Ray!

Trivial Week Wrap Up:

1) My dog ate both the Burt's Bees lip balm AND all the plastic Easter eggs.  That poor girl can't hear worth a darn but she can sniff out a treasure, it is uncanny!

2) I am an official groupie of a fitness instructor.  She asked me to fetch her a water during class promising a free ticket to an upcoming event if I did it.  Yes, I fell for it.  It reminded me of school days, "I'll be your best friend if....."

3) I discovered a woman in the bathroom eating yams.  Nuff said...

4) A woman in Target (who also attends my church) was trash talking to her husband about his inability to choose Mother's Day cards for his mom.  Loved it enough that I followed her through the store to see who won.  She definitely came out as victor.   Yikes!

5)  Ray challenged me to a boxing match now that I am in the class.  We came to the conclusion that probably isn't the best idea.  Did I mention 17 years??

6) My son wore his baseball cup to school (unbeknownst to me.)  Jaimey had a very rude comment as to why he did it which I won't repeat.  Suffice to say she had a stern talking to.  Will and I had a different conversation.

7)  I served my family 'crunchy' split pea soup.  Yuck.  I made up for it though by making some pretty incredible cookies.

Tonight I have the privilege of seeing the movie, Jane Eyre and going to dinner with some pretty incredible women.

Happy Weekend!


  1. You had me at Anthropologie! Sometimes expense is justified for the pure, unadulturated loveliness that only that store produces. Enjoy your measuring cups:)

  2. I spied on you in Target didn't see me did you ;) I was shopping all by myself without the olders and it was lovely. I also nursed in the dressing room, that wasn't so lovely.


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