Monday, April 18, 2011

Weekend Part 1

Sunday in Seaside - sharing an elephant ear which I could have easily downed like 4 of them myself.
We enjoyed a lovely getaway with friends over the weekend in Gearhart which is just a tad North of Seaside.  It is a lovely little alcove situated right at the beach.  Lots of beach rentals, beautiful homes and awesome beach front for both walking and collecting WHOLE sand dollars.  Not often you see that.  It was great being with friends, enjoying home cooked meals together, laughing at the craziest stuff, belting out old 80's tunes and songs from Sound of Music and laughing at the guys so dead set on winning at Monopoly.  All fun memories that I will cherish.  We shared a big house that was perfect for even the younger set.  We girls and 1 brave husband took to the trails and hiked 5 miles in mostly mud so I felt like a warrior when I finished.  Somehow mud up my legs, jacket and all over my shoes gave me a feeling a power - whatever, I'm runnin' with it.  I loved walking down to Pacific Cafe Bakery in the morning with my buddies to enjoy caramel lattes and blackberry tarts. 

What a great way to welcome turning 40.  Hey, a fun fact for you.  I am as old as Starbucks first shop that opened in Pike's Place - top that :)

I loved these gates that we would pass on our coffee walk each morning.

View from our beach house ~ check out how tame the sea looks!

Beautiful Sunday morning walk with my dear friend - sunshine included at no charge!

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  1. Ahhh - I LOVE, LOVE Pacific Way Bakery and the Cafe also!! We're heading to Gearheart again this summer - can't wait!
    Glad you had such a great B-day celebration:)


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