Saturday, May 14, 2011

Farmer Etiquette

Now that my new job is in full swing I am enjoying the chance to be around farmers again.  I have missed them.

There are some good things to remember when dealing with farmers at the produce stands, farmer's markets, etc. 

For myself I need to remember the following:

Don't ever email them if I am hoping for a response.  They don't check it nor do they have time to do so.  

Do not text them. Seriously, don't do it!

Keep it simple - call.

Do not try to call them later in the evening.  They are on farmer's hours.

Based on my observation of some customers over the years, keep the following in mind:

For the love of good food, compliment and thank your farmer for working their 'arses' off so that we can eat.  Farmers really appreciate the recognition for all the hard work they put in.

Please do not, under any circumstance, try to 'bargain' with them for a cheaper price on their food.  It is just plain rude, plus they are giving you an amazing deal in the first place! 

Ask them about their growing practices, or why Tuscan Kale is their favorite variety of Kale for example.  Farmers love to share their knowledge with you.  Of course, it is best to wait on conversation if they are super busy. 

Find a grower you like and support them by returning as a consistent customer.  It is cool to know the person who actually grew your food!

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