Friday, May 6, 2011

Farmer's Market - Week One

Tomorrow the farmer's market officially starts and while I'm looking forward to it, I am also a bit nervous hoping the first week is a success.  Of course, rain is in the forecast but it wouldn't be a typical Farmer's Market day in the Northwest without it.  I am getting all my gear in place, new signs ordered, paperwork all rightly organized - which is difficult for me and oh yes, the credit card machine which is and will continue to be my nemesis.  First of all, you can't trust me with my own credit card so got rid of them in our own lives.  Second of all, I don't want to inadvertantly charge someone 300.00 dollars when it should have been 30!

I am excited by the nice variety of vendors we have signed up to participate this year.  Beautiful wood fired breads, organic eggs and pork, homemade jams, flowers, crepes, fresh produce and some garden based art as well.  Of course, things kick into high gear when berry season and peak produce season arrives.  We will need some warmth before too long to jumpstart the strawberries.  Our first berry vendor hopes to arrive by the first week of June.

They say our meal plates are to resemble a box of crayons (no, not the all brown ones :) with lots of vivid color.  I always end up, don't ask me how, with the same palate scheme at each meal.  Let's say I make an alfredo pasta dish.  Why then do I serve caulifower and baguette bread along side?  Well, I have a new challenge this season, spice up meals with more color, hence more nutrients!

I think you can probably expect lots of lettuces, peas, bok choy and carrots for the beginning of the markets since they are cool season crops but I know there is still going to be plenty of variety thanks to our amazing farms.

I will keep you posted, share a recipe or two and put up some photos.  It will be fun for me to follow the seasons of the market on my blog.

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