Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Finally Back

Blogger hasn't let me log in for over a week now so I haven't able to get all my brilliant writing done.  I know the masses who read my blog have missed me. :)

Let's see...

School is almost out and while that is all well and good I know I am going to freak out with 2 cranky kids at home.  Help.Me.

2 boys at school had a fight regarding my daughter.  3rd grade people!

It poured at the Farmers Market on Saturday leaving me both cranky AND cold.  I ate a cinnamon roll in my anger.  Oh, and a mocha.  My kids have decided they want to go to work with me every week because they saw lots of dogs, a snake in the grass and a caramel apple stand.

I made that Milky Way cake I have talking about incessantly for the past week.  Yeah, big let down.  Unless you eat it in the morning.  Not that I would know or anything.

I am enjoying listening to Latin Rap.  Please like me anyway. I feel the need to be honest.

A 29 year old gal told me that it must be really hard for me to stay in shape since I'm 40.  She also informed me that I should be prepared as certain body parts tend to sag while others tend to widen.  I was really encouraged.

On that happy note, have a lovely week!

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  1. Oh the joys of 3rd grade! I am right there with you my friend :-) There are 2 boys on our street that are both pretty smitten with Anna - and they are both 12!

    Just wait - that 29 yr old will soon be 30 and then she will see it is mostly down hill from there :-)

    Blessings my friend!


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