Monday, May 16, 2011

Have A Nice Trip

I am constantly that reminded that as a parent I will always be a work in progress.  I am in continual renovation, if you will.
You will soon realize this (if you don't already) after I share my latest story with you.

My son Will and his sister Jaimey are often at ends with one another.  They go through loving each other to hating each other in a matter of mere seconds.

Last week while getting ready for school both kids decided they "hated" each other and didn't feel one bit of remorse by telling each other.  First of all, hate is not a word we use in our home.  I consider it harsh and cruel and I have banned it from conversation, unless I am the one using it :)  Ok, maybe just in my head.  Anyway, a parenting intervention was in order.

So what parenting move did I enable you ask? Guilt.  I guilted my kids by telling them that I didn't endure intense hours of painful labor TWICE to birth children that hated each other. 

It actually made them stop but apparently I offended Will and hurt his feelings.  Way to turn it around and make it all about him, yes?  He is crafty, that one.

He told me he was leaving and proceeded to 'pack' his teddy bear, his meerkat stuffed animal, and a hot wheel.  Then he headed for the front door.  I told him to stop and go back to his room and all that jazz.  He defied me and told me that he was leaving and 'couldn't stay in this home any longer.'

By then I was frustrated so I told him don't forget shoes and have a good trip.

I wasn't sure what would come next.  I envisioned myself following him down the street (without seeing me) to find out what he was going to do with his newfound freedom.

Fortunately, he stopped and turned around and said that when he said he was leaving he only meant he was going downstairs.  Whatever, I don't believe him

I will say this, I have never been so glad to drop that kid at school as I was that morning!

Gotta love it. 


  1. Haha! That's a great story. I've had at least one kid do exactly the same thing:)

  2. Maybe you should have prefaced this post with a warning that one should not be eating or drinking when they begin reading. I say this because I was eating my lunch while reading and just about blew a mouthful of food all over my computer monitor as I began belly laughing!
    Enjoyed this post...guilt is my secret weapon!


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