Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Mexico or Tuscany?

I love reading books depicting life in other countries, especially when it is about the author's travel ventures, foods eaten, culture and life outside of our homeland.

Currently I am in the middle of 2 books but I had to put one down because I was craving the country so terribly bad I could hardly function ~ seriously, it took over my thoughts so completely!  The book is by Frances Mayes called "Every Day In Tuscany."  Do not read this book if you are hungry or deprived of sunlight.  It will drive you insane.
Perhaps it is the Italian heritage in me but Mayes creates a picture so vivid you are transported to this land of splendor.  Life stops, embraces and engages in the simple pleasures.  
"Senuous, evocative reflections on the timeless beauty and vivid pleasures of Italian life."  Pretty much sums up the entire book.

The other book I'm reading is called "On Mexican Time ~ A New Life in San Miguel." by Tony Cohan.  This book has transfixed me.  The author's descriptive narrative has me dreaming about Bouganvillea blossoms floating in my cafe con leche!  Not only that but I'm dreaming in Spanglish :)

I think my time spent in both Oaxaca and Guatemala opened my eyes to a rare kind of beauty. There is something so alluring about simple schedules, less pressure and appreciation for the small things. 

At any rate if you feel the need, I would recommend the books but only if you are currently experiencing a contented state of mind.

Both are available at the library and Costco.

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  1. Both of those sound delightful! I love books that create a complete and total escape from the everyday. I'll have to check them out!


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