Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Pill Poppin' Momma

Once again my poor mother had to go in for surgery - hopefully one she will heal quickly from.  I guess she made the surgeon's morning however because she had some sort of anomaly (figures) and it caused quite a stir in the operating room.  He used the word 'necrotic' and 'fun' in the same sentence.

Anyway, being an only child I get first dibs on looking out for mom post surgery.  It can be bad but it can also be very funny.  Especially when she is on pain meds, bless her heart.  Some of the funniest things I have ever heard her say are when she is on pain meds.  Hey, at least it makes her post-op healing fun for me.

So, I bring you the latest tales....

While she was coming out of the anesthesia she could hear the staff discussing how to pronounce her last name. The doctor corrected the team by telling them she preferred to be called "kitten" or "kitty."  Apparently she had made that very clear to the surgeon when she was going under. 

Now that she is home and resting in bed we enter the second phase of humor - the coming down off the anesthesia type humor.  Earlier I found her chirping like a bird in her bed. 

Then she moved to the couch and told me I was her slave and that her dinner better be cooked to perfection or else.  So very awesome.

In the past 4 hours I have learned everything there is to know about the anatomy of Adirondack chairs, Panko bread crumbs and a show on TV called, "Swamp People."

The scary thing is, the night has just begun.... 

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