Sunday, May 22, 2011

Portlandia In My House

Working at the farmer's market gives me the chance to score on some local foods.  One of my vendors travels from Bend to sell at 2 Saturday markets, one of which is mine.  If you are in the area of the Willamette Valley and you are looking for organic, ethically raised meat then I would encourage you to visit the markets in Silverton and Salem. You won't be disappointed.

Visit  You will find everything from what they feed their animals to how they process their 'harvest.'

As I have said I'm not a big meat eater but since of the rest of the family is I try to provide meals with meat in addition to vegetarian meals.  Great American Egg had chicken available this weekend ~ I've never seen better quality.  I purchased a whole chicken with the thought of roasting it today.

I'm preparing it by using Ina Garten's recipe out of her latest cookbook, "How Easy Is That" with a couple modifications.  I placed fresh rosemary and herbs de provence inside the chicken for some added flavor in addition to the lemon, olive oil and onions.  I am going to serve it with roasted carrots and mashed potatoes for that traditional Sunday dinner experience. Because I don't have enough to do (?) I am making an apple galette with KerryGold butter in my crust.  Please know, this is not my everyday thing.  Ray has been gone all weekend and I thought it would be a fun welcome back dinner.

Back to the chicken, Jaimey watched as I seasoned it for the oven and asked me if we were really going to eat it.  She then wanted to know if the chicken had been raised on antibiotics, what it ate, how it lived and how it was processed.  I swear it was a scene directly out of the show, "Portlandia."  She was very relieved when I told her how the chicken was raised. 

She must be on some food sourcing kick because she told me Frosted Flakes should be considered a local food since they are available in our "LOCAL" grocery store.

Works for me :)

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