Tuesday, May 17, 2011

A Tale Of Kale

I have always disliked Kale in the worst way.  It is creepy to look at even creepier to eat.  I grew up eating it and rather than putting it in things such as soup, we always had it steamed and served on a plate.  It resembled like a mass of rotten lettuce.  Hungry?

As you know, Kale is a cool season crop and grows in abundance here in Oregon.  Lately I have heard so much about it, everything from making homemade kale chips to the huge nutritional benefits it posesses.  I finally talked to my CSA farmer about it and he encouraged me to give it another shot, now that I was older.  I haven't eaten it since I was 16.  Some friends of mine have made it sound very delightful but they are amazing cooks.

So, I bought some.  I prepped it and decided to make a Tuscan Bean Kale Soup with it.  It calls for pancetta but I didn't have any.  I did have some organic Italian sausage from a farmer in Bend so for the sake of my meat eating family, I added that.  It also called for Cannelini Beans, rosemary, carrots, celery, bay leaf, etc... you get the idea.
The kale was added at the end and I noticed it took longer to cook up than spinach because Kale is a bit heartier.

My kids were a bit hesitant but I softened the blow by telling them I had lots of french bread to eat with it.  May I also add that I roasted Moroccan spiced chick peas?  Not to worry, I wasn't going to serve them at this meal.  The Kale alone was punishment enough.

Jaimey met Ray out on the front porch when he got home and apparently warned him what we were eating for dinner.

 I caught them just as they were making their getaway to head for KFC!  Of all the nerve! 

I drug them back into the house and lo and behold Ray had seconds, (bless his heart) and even the kids choked it down and finished it.  Proud of my family for enduring. 

Just wait til I serve the chickpeas tonight!!  :)

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