Friday, June 24, 2011

Catching Up

Well my coffee hiatus lasted one day.  I am one that prides herself on perserverence and dedication so I think I did pretty well, don't you?

OK, I did switch to Decaf.  For one day.  In my opinion however a skinny decaf vanilla latte is considered a "why bother" drink.

So, Jaimey likes sushi.  Who would have thought?  Ray had the kids and went to sushi with a friend.  Lo and behold, she likes the Spider Rolls.  No worries there aren't any actual spiders in them but they sure look creepy.

Will? Not so much.

Yesterday while driving I noticed a guy holding an advertisement banner for a gym that was offering some discounted memberships.  I don't why I was surprised but the sign was spelled wrong.  Yep, that makes me want to join right there.  How about you?

I have been 'sparring' (high tech boxing term) :)  with some of the trainer guys in my kickboxing class.  Strange sense of satisfaction but I am left begging for mercy by the time they are done with the 'burnout' portion of the workout. I am using the term 'burnout' very loosely. At least the guys are nice. They are also like 15 years younger than me but very polite.  Well, once in a while.   Nevertheless it is in.tense.  When our head coach plays all his Led Zeppelin, The Doors and ZZ Top music during our warmups I am the only one out of the class that can identify which group/song is playing.  That gives you a little glimpse into the age difference.  Yay me.

By the way, don't use self tanning lotion if you go to a  gym.  Trust me on this.  Yuck.O.

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