Saturday, June 25, 2011

Older Dudes

I must be a magnet for inappropriate comments.  Specifically from older 'gents.'  Who would have ever thought that working at a farmer's market could provide such weird entertainment??

Take today for example.  One of my vendors was selling pastries and I was contemplating buying one.  Well I made the stupid move of saying I was trying to watch what I was eating.  Bad decision.  He launched into this whole speel about how he prefers a woman with some weight on her because he likes curves.  Not only that but he went on to say how he likes his women to behave in bed, so to speak.
Then he tells me that he didn't wait all these years to become a dirty old man for nothing.

I hate to admit this but I bought one of those sinful sticky buns anyway and it was amazing.  I couldn't help myself.  The sticky bun won out over the dirty old man!  Shameful of me, I know!

Last week a guy told me I must be poor because I didn't have any shoelaces in my shoes.  They are the laceless Converse.  He caught the withering look I gave him and quickly recanted by telling me he loved my earrings. 

Another guy (who is actually a fabulous person) started telling me about his 4 week old daughter and the details behind just how unplanned the pregnancy was.  Picture me with my hands over my ears yelling "LALALALALALA."  He gave me free tamales though.

Another man offered to show me his 'fly fishing' equipment plus give me a free lesson today...

I decided to take a pass on that offer.

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