Thursday, June 2, 2011

Silly Putty Is Evil

I know mothers everywhere would agree with me. I never allow it in the house because I learned the hard way when I discovered it ground into the downstairs carpet some time ago.

For some reason 2 nights ago I warned Will about the dangers he would fall into if he ever brought Silly Putty into the house.  Not sure why I said it, perhaps I felt the need to remind him.  He agreed but I sensed a bit of deceit   hesitancy in his voice.

Was I being prophetic or something??

Sure enough yesterday Jaimey informs me there is yellow Silly Putty ground into both the sofa and pillow - my IKEA pillow, mind you!  Will confessed and claims he 'forgot' to tell me about the incident.  My kid's school has a reward shop where if you earn good behavior points you are able to pick out treats from the shop.  Unfortunately Will had the nerve to choose the big no-no.  By the way, is the school crazy?  They must have a vendetta against all the parents to allow Silly Putty as a reward option. 

I will leave out details of my huffing/puffing/swearing/  grumbling/Will's consequences and all that.  I WILL say it was a bad afternoon to be in my house!  I ended up googling "silly putty sofa removal" and thankfully we weren't the only family in the same boat.  I wonder if they have a support group?

WD40 works wonders.  You spray it on, leave it for awhile and come back with a metal spoon to scrape it off.  You can then using rubbing alcohol to help remove the stain.  Yes, my downstairs smells like a mechanic's shop but at least it is gone.

Meanwhile, all backpacks, pockets, lunchboxes, mouths, shoes, underwear and ears will be checked at the door prior to entering the house from now on!

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  1. just gave this advice to a friend. Thank you!


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