Monday, June 13, 2011

Stuck In The Noodle With You

I notice a lot of my posts have been about Will lately.  It certainly hasn't been intentional, I guess his antics have been more obvious to me.

Yesterday he had a really loose tooth, we figured it would probably come out at some point during the day.

We went to Chinese food for lunch with our very, very close friends.  Will ordered pan fried noodles.

Do you see where this is going?

In the midst of a huge bite he exclaimed that he lost his the noodles...

Out came the noodles from his mouth.

I yelled (yes, in the restaurant) for our friends to close their eyes because there is nothing grosser than watching someone's kid expel half chewed food.

Friend # 1 turned his head for fear of vomiting.  Jaimey was crossing her eyes and making gagging noises which certainly didn't help any.

Will fished through the noodles while I kept telling our friends not to look.  Finally we figured he must have swallowed it so we all returned to our own meals, grateful the moment had passed.

Of course once we were eating again he announced that he found it so the the process of hiding our eyes started all over again.

The tooth rested in Will's tea cup until our departure which I'm sure the restaurant couldn't wait for us to make. 

Uh, by chance could we have a to go box???

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