Monday, July 11, 2011

Big Fat Mouth

Don't you hate it when you say something and then immediately regret it?

I liken it to the whole "Oh, I didn't realize you were expecting, how far along are you?"  Only to be told, "I'm not pregnant."

I know these amazing people that are vendors at the farmers market.  One week the husband brought his son.  This Saturday I was talking to his wife about how many kids they had, how old, etc.  She tells me about their 2 daughters, ages 6 and 10.  I open my fat mouth and ask about their son, the one that had come to the market with their dad.

Apparently the 'son' was in fact, the daughter.  Insert Bart Simpson 'doh' here.

Talk about backtracking my words!  She was very nice and just told me her daughter is a tomboy and I'm not the first to think she was a boy.

In other words, she extended a great deal of grace to me.

I've learned my lesson.  Never assume!

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