Friday, July 29, 2011

Look A Like

Well it is time to put to the whole "You look like Sarah Palin" thing to rest.  Permanently.  I've been healed!  :)

After several weeks of being told I look like her, I finally came to the point in which I chewed somebody out and got a bit threatening and basically, rude.  Don't worry I apologized.  In my own way.

You want to hear the worst of it?  I think I can paper trail this thing back to none other than Ray Griffin. 

But really, how fun is it to be told that I should go back to Alaska where I came from?  Heck, I've never even BEEN to Alaska.  Nor, do I hunt big game, nor am I 46 and nor do I wear glasses (but sometimes I wish I did because there are so many cute frames out there!)

My grandpa told me to take the Sarah look a like comments as a compliment since she is very pretty.  I appreciated the gesture.

Guess I've got my Halloween costume nailed for this year.

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