Loosening Strings

Other than my trips to Central America this has been the longest my daughter and I have been apart.  She had the opportunity to travel to Bend (jealous!) with her school bestie for their family's annual campout.

This required loosening the apron strings a bit.  Normally if we are apart for any length of time (Central America, California or what not) I know she is with Ray and vice versa,  if Ray is traveling for work, she is with me.

So this is a first for our family and while we held some initial trepidation, I think we made a wise choice in letting her go.  Although she doesn't come home until tomorrow so I may take back what I just wrote.

She is having a fabulous time roasting grapes (?) and marshmallows, hiking, swimming, sleep talking with her bestie and sledding down snow.  Yes, you read that correctly.  Just shows the kind of summer we have had thus far. 

I think part of our decision in letting her go had a lot to do with the amazing camping experiences both Ray and I had as kids.  While I went to a sophisticated summer camp in the Santa Cruz, Calif mountains, Ray roughed it in Southern Idaho with his dad.  Despite our differences in our camping adventures, (OK, I admit my 'camping' was in no way truly camping) we both remember with great fondness the fun we were able to experience.

Let's hope she feels the same way


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