Thursday, July 7, 2011

Out Of Touch

I have been a little out of touch lately because my head has been buried in dirt.  Literally.  I forgot I had a phone and so the battery has been dead.  Way dead.  I know I have forgotten a lot of other things as well I just can't remember them right now....

As far as head in the dirt thing...I have been putting off tackling our small back yard because even though the yard is small, the work is huge.  There are two 200 year old Cedar trees that are basically our back yard.  The previous owners, in an effort to stage the property, planted sod to give it the semblance of a normal everyday backyard. The sod promptly died about a minute after we closed on the house.  Cedars are way too acidic for grass to compete with.  Also did I mention that Cedars love to molt?  Like all the time?

After a consultation with my gardening guru friend, we came to the conclusion to let the area rest in the normal way nature intended, a forest.  However, she had some ideas to 'cozy' up the space, if you will.  Lots of ceramic pots, planted herbs, some ferns for all the shady areas, etc.  No garden gnomes yet, dang it!

I'm not sure what happened but the project has turned into a pressure washing, scrubbing the back patio walls with Bon Ami and scrub brush, working compost and repainting front doors nightmare. 

I haven't been seen in days.  Fueled by coffee and more coffee I am bound and determined to get this bee out of my bonnet and return to life as I know it.

My kids will be extremely grateful.

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