Friday, July 15, 2011

Rent A Kid

My competitive nature I have posting about took a nose dive when I turned into a blubbering idiot last night at my boxing class.  Awesome.

I am currently dealing with some hormones emotions so hopefully this will pass quickly.  I think I just push things too hard sometimes resulting in an emotional breakdown.  Whatever.  I would feel a whole lot better if my breakdown had been the result of something that actually mattered in life.

Jaimey is going on a big camping trip next week with some besties from school (and parents of course!)
She is excited while I am a bit apprehensive just because it is fairly far away and a week long trip.
She hopefully will make wonderful memories!

Meanwhile, what to do about Sir William....this could be a very bad thing.  It appears I forgot to sign him up for his camp, thinking it was actually a week later.

Therefore he will be available for chores around YOUR house ~ light housekeeping, laundry, that sort of thing :)

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