Saturday, July 2, 2011

Seattle Part 2

Pike's Place Fish Market...A required visit for anyone visiting Seattle.

Do you see the label for the Chocolate and Raspberry Gemelli pasta?  That was just one of the many pasta varieties offered from this vendor

There is a story behind this...I have now kissed a Monkfish, a StingRay, a Pirate.... and Ray....

My fellow afraid of heights companion! We made it to 76 floors at the Century Building, although very briefly.

Nuff said....

Karen got her inner 'Rasta''s not the first time according to her husband?

Jaimey sporting a shark hat and Nanny McPhee glasses/nose.  I got down with some Elvis glasses (complete with sideburns) and a hat fit for a king

Public art at it's finest. 

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