Stage Fright

Thanks for the encouragement for the Kiwanis presentation I had to make yesterday.  I was shaking for hours after because I truly experienced a significant case of fear!  It was good for me though and I appreciated the patience of the 30 people who showed up to listen to me wax on about local living.

If I had known my audience prior I probably would have changed the content of my speech a bit.  I arrived to 30 elderly men and women with a couple of guys my age thrown in for good measure.  After I left I thought that it wasn't the best audience for talking about organic, sustainable, healthy eating as I watched everyone tuck into huge platters of biscuits, gravy and bacon.  Not saying the food didn't look good though!

As I promoted the market by giving examples of the current dangers of high pesticide use in our foods, obesity, the use of GMOs and fuel costs/pollution associated with food travel I felt like a bit of a hypocrite as I sucked down my SBUX in front of them.
By the way, if I had observed a bit closer I would have pulled the obesity comment as well, just saying.

I kind of switched gears and instead tried to focus on community support for the local farmers, events going on, the types of produce currently available and the payment options for Oregon Trail and WIC recipients.

I have to say everyone, even if they felt differently, were extremely gracious with me and that meant a lot.  I even had some ladies complimenting my necklace and presentation.

Of course, now I know why...

Followed by the buttering up I was asked by several to join their Kiwanis chapter.

If it means I get biscuits and gravy however, I may be tempted....   


  1. Did you change the name of your blog again? I love me some biscuits and gravy too :)


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