Wednesday, July 20, 2011

What The Heck Is 'Kiwanis' Anyway?

Or should I say, "WHO is Kiwanis"?  I'm not sure but my former boss was in it and that was enough for me to know to stay clear!
I believe Kiwanis is a group of business dudes that go around helping within their community and heading up projects to benefit others.  Think pancake feeds and back to school backpack projects.

lost in a bet and was invited by a city councilman to come and speak to the group tomorrow at 7am on the benefits of local farmers markets.  I have one day to prepare.  Did I mention it needs to be 30 min in length and then I have to provide time for Q and A?

 Do I dress in my typical Oregon organic style or do I actually wear something with buttons?  Maybe buttons as I will be addressing conservative businessmen.  Big decisions here!

Now anyone who knows me KNOWS I love to talk incessantly.  I have been known to ramble, interrupt, stumble, repeat and border on making inappropriate comments at any given notice.  I'm not sure this coincides with formal speech making.

I posted on Facebook that tomorrow would be a most excellent day for Kiwanis members to sleep in.

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