Monday, August 8, 2011

Camping With 80 Of My Closest Friends

I'm getting ready for a camp out with 80 of my closest friends.  That is a heck of a lot of people together.  In one place.  For an entire weekend.  Can anyone say "commune"?  Each year we rent out this big campground often used by church youth groups.  It is really beautiful plus we have our own lake that just happens to be the warmest lake in Oregon.  No complaints there!

I probably should rephrase the term 'camping' because not only is there a lodge with all the cooking amenities, there are also flushing toilets, showers and yurts to sleep in.  However, sleeping in a yurt is STILL too rustic for me (except for some awesome ones we stayed at in Bend.)

So,I totally cheat and abandon my family in our tent and instead shack up with a couple of my besties in their RV.   They have mercy on me and let me crash in one of their beds.   One year I was so miserable from not being able to sleep (pre RV) that I found an old couch and bummed an Ambien from a friend so I could get a few hours in. 

The lake has a sandy beach and a kid's swimming area.  There are boat rides, water skiing, kayaking, volleyball and my personal favorite, lounge chairs.

You can have all the rest,  just give me a lounge chair.  And a towel.  And a bottled Coca Cola.  And ice.  And a good book.  And snacks. 

I'm thinking Ray is going to be pretty busy this weekend catering to my requests :) 

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  1. Finally! Another comrade who dislikes the rustic-ness of camping as much as I do. I thought it was just me ;)


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