Saturday, August 27, 2011

Day Trippin'

Our family likes to take day trips throughout the valley during the summer.  Friday found us in McMinnville, a lovely little town West of Portland, in the wine country.  It is a hip spot to check out and we are never disappointed by what we find.  Every time we travel there however, Ray and I have some serious 'bring it on' arguments.  It is ALWAYS about where we are going to eat lunch.  We do this because we both love food and if we get overly hungry all bets are off.   Plus, we have been married for 17 years so we can get away with that childish behavior.
  This time Ray decided to avert certain disaster by actually researching a place to eat BEFORE we left home.  I think I may need him to do this more often because he found us one gem of a place to eat lunch...
Check out Crescent Cafe on 3rd Street (which is the main drag.)  They serve incredible breakfasts and lunch and are proud to say all their food is made from scratch using  locally sourced organics from neighboring farms.  Once again it is a scene straight out of the premiere of "Portlandia."

 In case you are wondering,their mac n cheese is to DIE for...even in 88 degree weather.  Their version of the Monte Cristo sandwich is delightful in that the chefs oven roast the chicken rather than deep frying.  It is classic bistro style and I am pleased to say, our kids loved it.   By the way, fabulous service!

Next, stop into Serendipity old fashioned ice cream parlor for ice cream floats using good ol' Crush orange soda and locally made vanilla ice cream.

 Of course, coffee is always top priority and we love Union Block Coffee House where Ray can indulge himself in 5 shots of organic Bella Selva coffee and I can calm down with my iced mocha. They even have board games. I despise board games but somehow I ended up with 3 people who love them.

Ummmmm....the 80's called, they want their ski suit back!!
This store is sooooo much fun and we get awesome stuff here!  See photo below for proof :)  The store is called "New to You' and it is a must stop consignment shop.  It took all our will power to put the ski suit back, gosh it was such a perfect fit :) 

The suit came with a whistle that would make a ski patrol team blush!

Next day trip?  The State Fair of course!

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