Sunday, August 21, 2011

Future Rockers Of America

On Saturday night we went down to the amphitheater for an outdoor concert.  It is conveniently located 1 mile from our house and sits in a beautiful area, right next to the river. 

A local band called JFK was playing and they are really, really good.  They cover all that good stuff from Van Halen, Aerosmith, AC/DC, etc.   Super fun and even more fun for the kids.  The band is great with the kiddos, letting them come up to the stage, check out the guitars and get their little grooves on. We will know who to blame should any of our kids pursue a career in rock and roll.  It was a great time spent with friends, enjoying the beautiful weather and making fun of weird dance moves a couple people were guilty of.

It was the perfect night for mid 30-40 year old women to show off all their tattoos by wearing things that laced rather than buttoned and bikini tops that made you think "Why bother?"  It was a total crime of fashion.  Although, I'm one to talk in my conservative capri pants.  How totally boring.  Do I get points for the fact they were camo capris???

I guess I was a pretty supportive fan...the lead singer friend requested me on Facebook.  It may be that I cheered very loudly OR it may have been he thought I was a previous performer on stage.  That one is a long is possible I might have raised my hand when they asked if there were any fellow performers in the crowd who had played on that stage.  Hey, give me some credit.  They weren't very specific as to the exact nature of "perform."   I think playing with my kids by jumping off the stage one time even though no one was there counts as performing, don't you? 

And now I give you the Band, The Myth, The Legend (including the mini rockers of America)...JFK!

Joel Kinney - Lead Singer. 

Sam and Jaimey gettin' their groove on.  Notice Sam's head phones?  Awesome!

Mr. Will flashing his "Rock On" sign...or is that sign language for "I Love You?"

Kenna and Jaimey are pretty excited at the prospect of getting autographs from the band.  Can you say "groupies?"

Fellow Converse wearers UNITE! 

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  1. OK, so apparently the lead singer requested a ton of people from the concert as FB friends. Here I thought I was all special...NOT!


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