Wednesday, August 24, 2011

A Hairy Moment

My son kept taking his finger (most likely NOT clean) and rubbing it on my upper lip.  When I asked him why he was doing that he told me liked to pet my mustache.

Excuse me?  I bolted straight up and looked right into those 2 different colored eyes waiting to see his laughter but I only found curious innocence staring back at me.

I ran to the mirror, already mentally cursing my hairdresser.  See my hairdresser and I have have a deal together because we are good like that.  It started with my eyebrows.  Now he promises if he finds anything remotely close to the mere wisps of a mustache he will immediately tell me and proceed to wax that baby off.  We have also agreed that I will not chastise him for noticing it in the first place.

My immediate thought was my hairdresser reneg'd on his end of the bargain but I am giving him the benefit of the doubt.  Currently I'm blaming it on the way the light bounced off my mouth making it "appear" like there was something there.  You know, like an optical illusion!  Sounds good anyway.

I also have to take into consideration the fact my son insists he is growing armpit hair at the ripe age of 7.

I know...excuses,excuses!

I think the day is coming closer than I would care to admit...

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