Sunday, August 21, 2011

I got the last 2 pints of Marionberries at the farmers markets yesterday.  There are certain perks to being present when vendors are still setting up.  For those living in Oregon, you may have heard by now that the marionberry season is about over.  So, with my last 2 pints a pie was definitely in order.  Jaimey made her own mini me pie.

Little bit of Summer color.  I got one large bouquet and divided it between mason jars to give some pop if you will.  Most of the bouquet was Dahlias which is one of my summer favorites. 

Jaimey's Mini Me Pie

My sized pie!

Awesome fun with friends at an outdoor concert down the street from where we live. 

One of our few family photos since one of us always have to hold the camera!
Great weekend.

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