Wednesday, August 10, 2011

I learned a good lesson yesterday.  Don't ever try to go to the zoo on 1/2 price day.  I mean EVER!  I'm serious, the line to get in was practically the length of a state.  To give you an idea, even my children didn't want to wait in it.  So, what happens when plans fail?  You quickly think up something else.  We were in Portland which has a million and a 1/2 things to do but we were suddenly blank.  Not for long though...We crammed in a lot of fun within a few short hours.  First, the kids and Ray rode the OSHU tram while I read my book and drank a mocha.  Yep, I don't DO trams.  Not since Jackson Hole, WY but thats a story for another day...
After the zoo fiasco we decided to go hiking towards Washington Park which has some lovely trails and gorgeous views.


Next we boarded TriMet (subway) for downtown Portland where we jumped off at Pioneer Square for lunch.  I adore this sign in the square.  We hit up some food carts and listened to live music.   

Located in the square are permanent chess tables that random people can walk up and challenge someone to a match.  I wasn't able to photograph the guy playing because he "was afraid Obama might see it and then he could get kicked out of the country."  Yep, Obama reads my blog.  Gotta love Portland.

Ben and Jerry's in the Pearl District.

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