Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Impromptu Beach Day

So the weather said the beach was going to be cloudy with a high of 64 degrees.  We still decided to drive over but figured it was pointless to bring swimsuits.  This is how it rolls with us.  If we bring suits we know it will be freezing.  If we don't bring them, it is gorgeous and warm.  We really wanted some lovely weather so we didn't bring any and voila!  Fabulous day!We hit some sales at the outlet mall for some (gulp) Back to School shopping.  I'm a bit in denial over the fact I have 2 children entering 2nd and 4th grades come September. 

Finally the kids are free at last!  Yes, that is Will in his boxers....being a boy is so easy when it comes to wardrobe and going potty.

No, I'm not pregnant although my stomach in this photo says otherwise!

Can you believe this?  How often does the coast see these kind of days?

So it turns out windshields make for excellent drying racks for wet clothes!

We ventured over to Taft for some clam chowder and seal watching.

OK, this is the best coffeehouse (drive up) I have experienced in quite some time.  I mean THE BEST!  You have to stop if you are in Lincoln City - right off Hwy 101.  I will be mad if anyone I know drives past without stopping.  They serve Stumptown Coffee and this is how Stumptown SHOULD taste.  Unlike another coffeehouse in town...

Beautiful day

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  1. No self deprecation! You are a beautiful woman!


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