Thursday, August 25, 2011

My Mom's One Liners

Yesterday the kids and I were able to spend the day with my mom.  It was long overdue as we hadn't been out to visit in a while.  She provides a respite from the daily grind.  In other words, she listens while I blab on and on about the junk in my life.  She offers continual support and unwavering love.  Can you tell?  I absolutely adore my mother and am beyond blessed she is in my life.  I am so grateful.

She really comes up with some one-liners though that crack me up.  They tend to get a bit funnier as she 'matures.'  I was telling her that I saw a Bald Eagle when I was on a camping trip.  It was the first time I had ever seen one in the wild.

She asked me, "Now, are you sure you saw one, are you sure it was bald?"  Love it.

She also is thinking she might need a medication adjustment and is planning to see her physician about it.  She has some questions about a medication 'that starts with a C.' 

However, she is afraid she will get confused and ask him for Cialis (the male impotence drug.)

Made my day.

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