Wednesday, August 31, 2011

New Things

Today really feels like Fall and I'm drooling over a recipe by At The Picket Fence for Chocolate Zucchini Espresso cake.  Just look to the right side of Blogs I Read and you can click on the link for the recipe.  Sounds amazing and perfect for these late days of Summer.

It is hard to believe that my Farmer's Market will be wrapping up a month from now and with that brings change for me since my job is seasonal.  I have really enjoyed running the market so I hope the board doesn't fire me.  I worry about such things, being the people pleaser I am.

In the meantime I am probably being too premature in talking about it but there are some things I have in the works that hopefully will work out (no pun intended once you read the rest of this!)  As you know, I belong to a kickboxing club that is starting to branch out more on it's own with some additional classes.  So starting in 2 weeks I will be teaching Cardio Boom.  It is a pretty intense, calorie burning workout and it is great for women.  I'm nervous about it and certainly hope it is well received.  The class will have a lot of kickboxing moves minus the bags - great workout.

For my locals - if you are interested in trying it out, let me know.  I can get you some free classes.  I will be teaching a couple morning and evening classes.  However, my disclaimer...please be patient with me as I adjust to a teaching role!

In addtion, there will be 2 other teachers (girls) that are going to totally rock both a Body Fit class (utilizing weights) and a Strength/Agility/Conditioning class.  I have worked out with these girls for several months now so trust me when I say, they are awesome!

In October I am looking to receive my Zumba certification so that should be interesting...

Anyway, I know all of us are experiencing or will be experiencing some sort of change with the onset of Fall.  I hope they are positive things for everyone.  Time will tell if mine are...

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