Monday, August 15, 2011

One Happy Camper

I have been away on the camping trip I posted about the other day....some highlights for you...  

The mice infestation in the lodge was a favorite by all.

Only one person lost their bikini bottoms while water skiing.   

No injuries, unless you count the fiery blobs of molten marshmallows falling and blistering kid's feet.

I only got sick for one of the days.  Yay me.

My kids complained for most of the trip.  They will not be returning to future campouts.  Ever. Again.

The girl's shower and bathroom  flooded for 2.5 out of 3 days.

My friend's birthday 'cake' consisted of 2 twinkies pressed together with brown M&Ms down it's middle. 

We had a Dance Off...with no music.

Somehow we 'inherited' 10 lbs of  "I Can't Believe It's Not Butter", 3 lbs of Sour Cream, a vat of Salsa, 5 lbs of Potato Salad and a variety of burned Hot Dogs.  Still not sure how it all ended up in our car??

We arrived home to discover 2 hyper dogs eating my 10 lb bag of organic sugar.

We had a fantastic weekend and I can't wait for next year! 

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