Sunday, August 21, 2011

Some Juicy Tidbits

I keep getting these emails.  The title?  "Jewcie - Meet Jewish Singles In Your Area."  I think they started arriving soon after I made my batch of Challah Bread.  Whatever...

The town in which I work has made national headlines again in the form of MSNBC.  Have you heard the latest?  A city councilman has been accused of repeatedly flipping off a 12 year old girl while she was trying to sell raffle tickets.  The raffle was designed to benefit the local food bank.  You know it's a small town when you actually know one of quoted council members in the article.

This made the Sunday morning headlines of our local paper.  A woman keeps a doll in her front window and changes it's position every day.  One day she will be waving, another pointing, etc..   The doll even has her own facebook page.  Passerbys apparently got concerned one day when the blinds were drawn and only the doll's hands were exposed.

Enjoy :)

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