Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Summer Sunday

Our family enjoyed a down day on Sunday and it was such a relief.  The weather was beautiful and the day quiet, perfect for refueling.  So it happens that we are a minority.  We don't have a barbeque.  I would be happy to tell you what happened to our gorgeous gas grill prior to moving but you might lose your stomach contents. 
 Suffice to say that over the winter a 'herd' of mice took up residence in it.  I am going to stop there.  Needless to say, we never used it again.  We had some grills hold us over in the meantime but we knew we were going to need a new one. 
 We decided to go all retro and get a charcoal Weber grill. One would think we just had a baby.  We are thrilled with the new addition to the family.  I think we have grilled 4 nights in a row.  We cooked up some organic sausages and then I had fresh squash that we (I mean Ray) threw on as well.  So good.  We have been positively giddy over it.  Next up are some organic pork chops and then we will do some pizzas I think.  Of course, we did the infamous smores on Sunday (you know, for the kids :)

From the looks of things I would say Will is kind of happy?

One of the few plants in our yard that I am actually proud of

Oh the glory of chocolate and marshmallows

Will is pretty excited over his mad marshmallow grilling skills

  No, this is not a leftover from the gas grill in case you are wondering!

I love my marshmallows burnt!
As evening came on we watched Jules Verne's "Journey To The Center Of The Earth."  Yes, we are corny but it is days like these that make me extremely grateful.


  1. Sounds perfect! BTW - I noticed we're both on the fruit pie kick...I guess great minds think alike:)

  2. Absolutely Erin! Too funny - those pies are soooo good!


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